West Coast the best coast for Christmas gifts
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West Coast the best coast for Christmas gifts

The airspace is clean, there’s grazing aplenty and beaches are white as snow. Outside the north pole, the West Coast might be the best place for Santa Clause and his reindeer to come “trek laer” – even better perhaps considering the warm temperatures and amount of sunshine we have this time of year.
And gifts! Oh, so many gifts. Of the many great things about the West Coast – crayfish, snoek, caves, culture etc. – one of the most overlooked is the quality of gifts to be found. In every town around most corners are gift shops filled with, by and large, handmade West Coast gems. Take your pick from earrings to blikbekers to jam to beer mugs – on the West Coast you’ll find the perfect gift for anyone in the family. But just in case you’re still looking, here are a couple of stand-out options:  

West Coast vellies

If you live on the West Coast you need a pair of vellies in the cupboard. That’s just a fact. If you don’t have a pair of vellies already, you need someone to buy you some and Strassbergers in Clanwilliam is where you’ll find this gift that simply keeps on giving step after step, kilometre after kilometre. Strassbergers shoe factory is the oldest shoe factory in the country, in operation since the 50s. Their vellie range is unisex designed for feet of all sizes and types and is 80% handmade.


West Coast socks

West Coast feet need West Coast socks and few socks say West Coast like a pair of Lucky Star socks. With one of its biggest canneries in St Helena Bay, the brand has its, well, footprint all over the region. Arguably more famous than the fish in the cans, however, is the red and yellow design of the label with a pilchard looking as if its jumping for joy. The Lucky Star logo and colours have been used for designs from place mats to door stops. Now you can wear them on your feet, pulled up proudly on the one end, deep inside a pair of Strassberger West Coast vellies on the other.  


West Coast chocolates & sweets

The best for last, of course. Forget Quality Street this year, in Darling there’s a sweet shop with the sweet tooth in your family’s name on. Darling Sweet has a range covering Tannie Evita’s Classic, Honey & Salt, Red Wine & Chocolate, Orange & Cranberry, Coffee, Liquorice, Mint, Bird’s Eye Chili, Rooibos Chai and Ormonde Wines toffee. To make it easier to find the right combo, they’ve put together gift hampers both bigger than a tin of Quality Street and with better (locally produced) toffees. Just add wrapping paper and you’re good to go. 


It goes without saying that the best gift on the West Coast is simply living here. From Shop West Coast to you: have a Merry Christmas and a happy new West Coast year.

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