Transnet launches mega manganese train
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Transnet launches mega manganese train

Transnet have added another train to their growing fleet of locomotives – and they’ve gone big. At a staggering 4 kilometres long with 375 wagons and 4 locomotives, the aptly titled Monster Train is the longest daily-running production train in the world. To put it into perspective, consider that Australia’s Rio Tinto trains come in at a mere 2.4 km long, while the longest freight trains in economic superpower, China, are only 3,2 kilometres in length.

“Efficiency Innovation”

Transnet’s new train will transport manganese from Sishen to Saldanha Bay and is based on a business model the company calls “efficiency innovation” that saw them opt for a longer train, instead of spending billions on new infrastructure. The mega train will increase the amount of manganese transported from Sishen to Saldanha annually from four million tons to five million tons.

With manganese known as a premium export and one of the most profitable bulk freight products, the effect the new train will have on their bottom line is significant. According to Transnet, the mega train will add some R375 million to their revenue base. And as if boasting the longest train on the planet is not enough, the company’s export of manganese has been growing exponentially from five million tons in its 2012/13 financial year to a record-breaking 15.1 million tons in 2018/19. 

Driven by Passion

Best of all is, the world’s longest train is steered by none other than 33-year-old Elizia Clark from Paternoster. Clearly born on the right side of the tracks, Elizia has been working for Transnet’s Freight Rail division for six years. With a thorough knowledge of the landscape between Sishen and Saldanha, Elizia is set to add many more ground-breaking years to what is already an impressive track record.

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