Table Mountain view will never be the same again.
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Table Mountain view will never be the same again.

Breaking news on the SELI 1

Seli 1 is here to stay and as predicted will become a permanent feature on our shore line. The big swell of the first winter storm has been battering her for several days and has put the final nail in her rusty coffin. The area was named Table View for the great views of Table Mountain, which is one of the seven wonders of the world and. Tourists from all over the world flock daily to our beaches to take photos of the spectacular views, and to spend some time on our beautiful beaches, but now they will have to photo shop their photo’s or buy post cards to get photo’s of the mountain without a shipwreck. They will also have to content with the sticky oil on the beaches. Our government is so keen on changing names of towns and cities I wonder if they will be changing the name from Table View to Seli 1 view? I am sure they would rather spend the money on changing the name of maritime maps, have a huge renaming party and fly Jacob Malema down to do the offici al opening of Seli 1 Boulevard than on trying to remove the wreck.

Just as Table Mountain one of the seven wonders of the world is, so is the Seli 1 one of the seven stuff ups of our government and maritime authorities.

1st. Allowing the crew of the ship to get on a aeroplane and to leave the country. (They should be cleaning dishes to help paying for the mess they left us).

2nd. Allowing uninsured ships in our waters.

3rd. Not putting pressure on the Turkish government to put pressure on the ships company to take responsibility for the disaster.

4th. Taking 3 months to chat over tea, cake and picnics in meetings while the weather was absolutely perfect, with small waves and hardly any wind before deciding that they would slowly start the removal of the oil and then the coal. NO RUSH

5th. The skill full way all the government departments past the hot potato. (They would make any rugby team proud with their slick handling).

6th. The skill full way they past the buck. Now other governments departments will have to get involved to help pay for the mess and clean up.

7th. The fact that they would rather wait for the ship to break up and cause a lot of damage to the ecology than to try to remove it. I am sure if FIFA asked them to move it, it would have been removed within one week.

Yes, the Seli 1 did improve the banks for surfing, but at what cost? It will be spewing oil and debris on to our beaches, polluting the water and beaches killing birds and sea life and we will be getting oil spots on our wetsuits, feet and equipment for months and years to come.

Read the official press release of SAMSA


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