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Attorney supports Local is Lekker.

I was speaking to my attorney (Jan Swemmer & Levin) yesterday (millions of FICA documents to complete, who decided that was a good idea!) his company has been doing business on the West Coast in Vredenburg for 90 years, they are one of Standard Banks oldest clients (more than 75 years) we were talking about shopping on the West Coast and he said that if he can get the product in Cape Town for say R10 but has been quoted R15 from the local supplier in Vredenburg, he simply offers the local supplier R11 or R12 he is happy to support the local supplier, but not price’s that are vastly different, he said that not one of his suppleirs had ever said no, to his proposal.
It’s a simple rule, if we don’t support local business why should they support us, and the service levels are much better locally.

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