MEWA Fine Woodworking & Craftsmanship


At MEWA we aim to incorporate established
tried and tested woodworking methods and
techniques with modern technology. As a
result of this unique combination of master
craftsmanship developed over 100’s of years
with the precision of modern engineering,
each MEWA creation is recognizable for its
pragmatic functionality and aesthetic
appeal. In our furniture designing, we strive
to ensure that each piece is not only
functional, but also stands alone as a 3
dimensional work of art.
These are incorporated into our interior
designs to compliment the overall ambience
of each client’s personal environment.
Our master artisans, while already highly
skilled and experienced, are encouraged
to continuously add to their battery of skills,
thereby ensuring that our clients benefit from
their knowledge and receive exquisitely
crafted and unique pieces.
All our hardwoods are hand selected for
quality, durability and aesthetic appeal. We
maintain a commitment to ecological
preservation and wherever possible, we
recycle old woods and source materials
from sustainable sources.
At MEWA, we are further committed to
ongoing community development and to
the support of community recreational

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