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West Coast Business Directory. FREE Business Listing

The shop west coast blog has been around for a while. Originally the sole purpose of the site was to informing local business owners about business on the West Coast.

We recently decided to try and inform business owner about the virtues of shopping within the local community and Saldanha Bay Municipality.
This turned out to be all good intentions, but didn’t really take off for various reasons.

To show how serious we are about promoting shop local we have decided to print a “West Coast” business directory, with the sole aim of promoting locally owned and operated business.

The only reason we are asking you to add your details on the Website is that it makes our job of compiling the information much easier, and as its FREE we feel it’s a small price to pay for getting listed in the first West Coast Business Directory for nothing.

If you own a business on the West Coast register your details http://www.shopwestcoast.co.za/add-your-business/

The only exception to the rule. If the service isn’t available on the West Coast then we will list that company, but in the same breath we will tell you. Simply put West Coast comes first!

The publishers decision is final.

A big THANK YOU to West Coast Office National for printing the directory for FREE. www.pencil.co.za