Marine scientists and recreational fisheries cooperate in research effort on smoothhound sharks
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  • November 8, 2009
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Marine scientists and recreational fisheries cooperate in research effort on smoothhound sharks

6 November 2009

The Department of Environmental Affairs’ marine and coastal management branch and the West Coast Shore Angling Association are jointly hosting a smooth hound shark tag and release tournament on Saturday 7 November 2009 at the Langebaan Lagoon on the West Coast, Western Cape. This forms part of research into the population of smooth hound sharks in the Langebaan Lagoon system.

This tournament, known as the Langebaan Lagoon Smoothhound Shark Derby, is aimed at promoting collaborative opportunities between marine scientists and fishers to strengthen the sustainable management of marine resources. It will further assist with the existing research on the smoothhound shark population in Langebaan Lagoon.

Recent studies have shown that the Langebaan no-take fishing area is a nursery ground for smoothhound sharks. It also shows that smoothhound sharks spend up to 99 percent of their time inside the Langebaan Lagoon Marine Protected Area (MPA) with larger more mature animals more likely to leave the protection of the lagoon than smaller sharks. The tag and recapture experiment will help to identify the stock size of the population of these species within the Langebaan–Saldanha bay area and the results will inform the management of these species.

This competition does not only represent an exciting angling experience but also an opportunity for anglers to actively participate in research on a locally important species aimed to assure the sustainable management of the smoothhound shark, based on sound scientific knowledge.

Only anglers who are registered members of the South African Shore Angling Association (SASAA) will be accepted to fish in this tournament. A maximum of 150 anglers will be allowed to participate. The West Coast Shore Angling Association is a member of the South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA).

The derby is taking place from 5h00 when registration starts at the Langebaan Yacht Club. Angling will be from 06h00 until 15h00.

For further information contact:
Carol Moses
Cell: 082 829 3917

Issued by: Department of Environmental Affairs

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