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Our passion is to “go the extra mile for our customers”

Because of the work done by our elders, Prinro company today, is a well known building material company on the Cape west Coast.

Our passion is to “go the extra mile for our customers”. Even though we might sell a similar product as our competitors, our family of sales and admin staff looks after each and every customer as if they are gold.

Furthermore We live by our values of : “ if we do not know, we will find out” and if we do not have it “ we will order it for you, specially”. This family is always available to assist and help with special product needs. We can literally get hold of almost anything.

Our vision is to always try harder in ensuring that all parties envolved with , staff and customers, has a pleasant experience by having something delivered, calling, visiting or hearing about Prinro.

Even though we are not a blood bond family, we are the Prinro family of Fathers, Mothers, brothers and Sisters, aunts and uncles, here to help you.

We hope you enjoy spending time with us.

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