About MARJAC Construction

MARJAC Construction has been involved in the construction industry since 2013.

In a short period MARJAC has developed an exceptional record of commitment and quality and is a well respected construction company.

We are based in Britannia Bay, St Helena Bay but also service the following areas:

Saldanha Bay

We specialize in all “smaller” forms of construction. We are committed to our clients and do everything in our power to deliver high quality projects, on time and in budget.

MARJAC started when one of its owners had the need to construct residential houses on vacant land which was owned in Britannia Bay. At the time there were no reliable builders in the area and the quality of workmanship was poor. Finding locally skilled labourers also posed a huge problem.

Initially we focused on building a solid foundation of reliable contractors and sub-contractors in order to fulfill our goal of becoming the foremost project management and property development and construction business in the area.

By the end of 2019 MARJAC would have successfully built and sold in excess of 60 homes!

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