Come to the secure and safe West Coast and you can trade your gun for a fishing rod. Enjoy peace and safety in the wonderful Mediterranean climate, pleasant all the year around.

To find the property for sale that you need choose the property type on the left, if you have a Reference No. from an ad put that in on top, otherwise you can choose the location if you’ve decided on one, your price range or no. of bedrooms etc. You can also select from “Properties” on top.

Our blog will give you valuable information on the area as well as a list of sold properties to give you a feel for the market. We try to give you floor plans and a video of each property where appropriate. And we’re proud to be the first with an Afrikaans West Coast property page. Click on the button on the top of the page for that.

The “West Coast” on top will give you lots of news about what you can find and do here. We’re proud to be the only property brokers to have contributed to Escape To The West Coast Magazine and you can access the articles above and in the blog

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More and more people are finding the Cape West Coast one of the finest places to live in – not only in South Africa, but in the world.

Find out now while prices are still good.

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