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Technical Services
Tyre Maintenance Survey
Bridgestone Commercial can survey your fleet, determine the condition of its maintenance, and recommend corrections for better management and ultimately lower cost per kilometre.

Scrap Tyre Analysis
Another Bridgestone Commercial survey, scrap-tyre analysis can determine problem areas within the operation of your fleet, collect data, and then make recommendations regarding tyre selection, road conditions, and more.

Load Study
Our load study will give you the correct pressure recommendations for your fleet and its operational conditions.

Route Survey
Bridgestone Commercial road study can establish the severity of road conditions and their influence on tyre selection, performance and maintenance.

Heat Tests
Our heat tests help to determine tyre operating pressures in tough, highly arduous operations of a cyclical nature, for example where vehicles travel unladen to collect payloads and return fully laden. Timber and sugar-cane operations are examples.

Tyre inflation can be modified outside load and inflation tables under such conditions provided the temperature of the air inside the tyre does not exceed 80 degrees Centigrade. If that temperature is accurately determined, tyre inflation can be reduced, thus protecting the tyre from premature damage and the vehicle and vehicle suspension components from accelerated wear.

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