Is Your Weskus Business getting noticed?
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Is Your Weskus Business getting noticed?

With so much noise on the internet it can be quite difficult to stand out. We would like to share 4 Valuable Beginner Marketing Tips to help you grow the online presence of your West Coast business.

Even if you don’t know a thing about setting up websites or SEO (or Localised targeting strategies) you will find marketing applications here that you can start applying today. 

Where are you?

The goal of Online Marketing is to keep getting noticed for what you do. Build a strong association of your product and service to your brand. Let people know who and where you are – constantly.

And most importantly, you want to do work, that has a long lasting effect. Let’s get into it…

TIP 1 – DIY Weskus Pride Content

We live in a world of pictures, sounds and video. Lucky for us we live in a beautiful place. Firstly, the West Coast (im inclusing the Cederberg & Swartland) has so much picturesque opportunity. Secondly, we live in a place with tight knit communities.

Unlike the city, West Coast towns and people are proud of their location and lifestyle. Sure we take some economical knocks, but we love where we are, don’t we?

It is so important to share this enthusiasm with your local economy. Our climate, our landscape, our rush hour traffic that lasts all of 10minutes. We forget how awesome our home is sometimes. So what can you do?

This is where we live….

For a start I’m pretty sure you have a smartphone with a camera. It’s time to DO-IT-YOURSELF Media. Start using that phone as more than just a communication tool (and that app that make you look old)… and start taking pictures of your environment, your lifestyle, your pride.

Social Media makes it easy to share our stories with the world. And believe us – people notice! You are very likely reading this because of the West Coast Good News Blog. Make content that connects with your Local Market and Local People. Sometimes a photo or a short video clip can remind people of why we love it here. Be the brand that reminds them. Even one picture a week will make a huge difference to your online presence.

Something to share?

If you and your business have a story or something you want to share with our mailing list we would be happy to publish your content in our good news blog. Let’s share daai Weskus Gees. Please ONLY GOOD NEWS. There is enough of the other stuff out there.

TIP 2 – Easy SEO trick for Absolute Beginners

Alright, we know you came here for things that you want to understand. All you need to know is that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it means Google is gonna find you! 

To this day, even with all that smart technology out there the Internet relies on Text. Google won’t look at a picture of a cat and label it cat, unless there is text saying it is a cat. If the name of the picture is cat that image will be found and start ranking under cat searches.

Naming your images correctly

If your pictures don’t have the correct name and description text they will not be found and therefore your business will not be found. I bet you when you upload pictures to Facebook or your blog or even to our business listing the name of the picture is stil: IMG00021   right?

Hey Google, this is the road to Porterville. IMG Name: Road to Porterville from Piketberg

Now, what if an image was called:  “best plumber in Langebaan” or   “Second-hand cars in Saldanha Bay”. How do you think that would relate to someone searching for a Plumber or a Second-Hand Car? The answer is well, very well.

Describe what you want people to know in the title of your pictures. Google will do the rest.

At  Shop West Coast we do the SEO for you. We try to make sure to include all the right text and keywords on your listing images as well as description text. This way Google will help people find your business. You know your business better than us so make sure to upload your pictures or send us pictures with names that will really capture your audience.


TIP 3 – Ask for Reviews

Word of mouth is still and always will be the best form of Marketing. People that like and trust you will share their experience and most likely recommend your business when an opportunity arises. 

Online Marketing has not changed this concept. In fact it made it better than ever. Back in the day we were confined friends and family at the dinner table or a braai. Now we have the ability to share feedback with strangers. So what is the catch?

The challenge is we need to ask people for a review. People don’t naturally go to your page and leave a comment unless they are that way inclined. Platforms like Google Mybusiness, WordPress & Facebook all have easy to use tools to leave a comment, review or service rating. Usually it is so easy, it only takes one or two clicks and they are done, but they are not going to go there alone! 

Reviews on Google MyBusiness

It is important that you start to include this as a process in your service offering.

Try this….

Add a line on your Invoice footer: please leave a review on Facebook.
Or include a link on your email footer: Please rate us – it only takes a moment.

You can build an incentive like x% off your next purchase. Don’t be shy to give away value…. just think what a new customer might be worth to you?

You can also straight-up ask if you feel that your customer would be happy to help you the way you helped them. Not only does working towards a good review improve your service, but it also leads to more business.

Find and promote the review tool/platform that best suits your customer base. If you are active on Facebook then this is a good place to practice. Ask your customers for a Facebook page review.

TIP 4 – Free Backlinks

What is a backlink? A backlink is a link from one website to another. Like for example here is a link to our Sponsor Website . With a backlink, the website that is being mentioned (West Coast Office National in this instance) is the beneficiary of the relationship. 

The more places you can get your website back-linked, the better. Google sees you as the authority in your niche. If one Plumber has 4 backlinks (Facebook, Google MyBusiness, Shop West Coast & Yellow Pages) he will outrank another plumber with no backlinks. This means when people search for a plumber in that area backlink plumber with named pictures and customer reviews WILL WIN.

Another West Coast Picture – because we can….

Listing with us gives you at least one reliable backlink. Inserting your website URL into the listing will help your Website rank on Google – List your business today.

We hope it helps

We hope these tips will give you some insight into the online marketing world. The west coast is a little behind when it comes to online presence as many people feel the public are not ready for it. But don’t be fooled. The free ways are broadening and the development of the faced paced world will catch up here too, just ask yourself will you be ahead of your competition by the time that comes around or trying to catch up when everyone is doing it. Don’t let the likes of giants like Takealot take you out.

If you want more help marketing your Weskus business speak to us. We can develop strategies, campaigns, video production, graphic design and more.

Kind regards

Dean Paarman
Marketing Consultant for West Coast Office National

Shop West Coast and this article are sponsored by West Coast Office National. 

See what I did there …. Those are backlinks 😉

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