How to destroy the West Coast.
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How to destroy the West Coast.

To change this senario, and to destroy local, purchase from big business that is not locally owned, or go to the city and purchase from a large chain store, and the profits go to the share holders.

If you don’t own shares in the company ‘why buy from them’ they are cheaper, ask yourself how much cheaper, ultimatly big business will destroy small towns read about walmart (I will tell you more about Walmart in future postings) in America, a similar situation is growing in South Africa, with the like s of Makro & Game (to mention 2) and large shopping centres. Shopping centres give the likes of Game the rental for 10% of what you pay for the same space rented in the same shopping mall they call them anchor tenants, where do the profits go? Back too the share holders, the local economy does not grow. But you may argue that they create jobs, and yes they do, but if the local business was supported it would also grow and create jobs, with better conditions and pay for the employee’s. Think before you buy from a chain store that doesn’t support the local cummunity.

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