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Made with fresh produce only
West Coast Chilli was born from a favourite chilli sauce recipe passed down through generations of family and friends. It’s now created on the West Coast of South Africa using fresh, locally sourced chillies.

All the sauces have the same foundation recipe with the flavours and heat levels vary depending on the chillies used. All the sauces are uncooked and have no onions or sugar added.

When you have a passion for what you do it’s not work, and on this wonderful journey of West Coast Chilli our sauce range has expanded from 2 to 6 with our new addition - ‘Ooh La La’

Sauce Range:
Ooh La' La' : Really Hot (Habanero & Thai Chilli) - 'coming soon'
Hai-Bo : Very Hot (Birdseye & Thai Chilli
Pa se Sous : Extra Hot (Thai Chilli)
Ma se Sous : Hot (Thai Chilli & Paprika)
Sussie se Sous : Hot (Green Jalapeno)
Boetie se Sous : Mild (Red Jalapeno)