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About West Coast Business Directory

West Coast Business Directory A.K.A Shop West Coast is at first glance a Business Listing Website & a Good News Blog.

We give businesses on the West Coast of South Africa the opportunity to list their details, products and services free of charge.


WHY make another Listing Site?
It has come to our attention that the Online Presence on the West Coast is severely lacking. There are a variety of Directory sites already in existence that have not been kept up to date! Because this website is sponsored by West Coast Office National we have the resources to keep going. Our goal is to help our local economy flourish.

Added to the fact that there is insufficient information online we also found that there is an overwhelming amount of bad and negative news floating around. It is our goal to share good news stories we find to promote wellness and economic growth opportunities. If you want crime stats you will have to go elsewhere. Sign up to one of our Area News letters and be notified when a new Good News Story affects your area.

One of our main Goals at West Coast Business Directory is to promote a healthy growth in the online community of the entire West Coast District. Over the next few months we aim to list every business we can find from Malmesbury to Clanwilliam and Lamberstbay to Ysterfontein. We will seek out Good News Stories that are share-worthy!

We will also Host FREE Marketing Workshops in the following weeks.

We Hope that you will join us on our journey to keeping the West Coast Awesome as it is.

This Website is Sponsored by West Coast Office National

West Coast Office National offers Stationery, Printing, Copying, Office Furniture, Samsung copiers as well as comprehensive IT & Computer Support. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs.

FREE DELIVERY of Office Supplies & Office Furniture to all West Coast Regions. Get your Office Supplies FREE CATALOGUE delivered to your door.

West Coast Good News Blog

We feel that the news out there is overloaded with negativity – we want to share some good old West Coast Spirit. Let us find it for you and share good news stories from in and around the the area. 


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