New Saldanha Bay project brings good news

July 26, 2010 by: admin

Several projects planned for Saldanha Bay over the next 20 years are set to turn the area into an industrial giant.

It is believed over R80 billion top be invested into boosting the region’s economy.

Some of the projects include increasing bulk export capacity and the introduction of a renewable energy plant.

Five major projects earmarked for Saldanha Bay over the next two decades could potentially see the region’s economy mushroom.

Major foreign investors and world companies hope to tap into the municipal area’s resources to transform it into an industrial juggernaut.

Saldanha Bay has the deepest natural harbour of the West Coast of Africa, a major draw card for investors.

The projects include the inclusion of an industrial zone with increased cargo capacity, a renewable plant made to produce some 660 megawatts in solar, wind and cold gas energy.

Thousands of jobs maybe created in the process, requiring a massive housing process.


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